Top to Bottom Type 1 Fun!


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With some brief tech-y sections and mile after mile of flow trail, this is a route to induce a smile rather than any fear.

Having ridden the Comet Express chair up the line is well signposted and easy to access - roll onto it and get ready for a good time! All the way down you'll find a smooth and well maintained trail with some short sections of slightly more technical terrain taking in roots and rocks.

Even the technical sections are pretty straightforward and shouldn't challenge intermediate riders too much. One standout feature of the trail is the half dozen wooden features which - even by the high standards of BC bike parks - are exceptional.

Silver Star is known for its top calibre trail builders, and they really excelled themselves with the manmade parts of this trail! All of the wooden features can be easily avoided and there are clearly marked ride-arounds at each of them should you want to keep your tires on the dirt! If you're pushed for time or want to get to the village for some lunch then it's possible to cut this ride short by hanging a right when you hit the Cross Mountain Trail, but we'd highly recommend not doing so and riding this all the way to the bottom! For some reason this trail feels much longer than the statistics suggest, so by the time you're down you should be thoroughly warmed up and ready for another classic Silver Star trail.