A long and fun journey down one of Silver Star's best mid-grade trails


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Some trails are super technical, others are smooth and easy all the way, and some find a balance right in the middle.

This is one such trail, combining fast, flowy terrain with brief (easy) technical sections which are ideal for intermediate riders looking to clock some miles.

And - for some reason - it feels like there are more miles on this trail than the statistics suggest; it feels longer than it "should", and the fun just keeps on coming! Making its way down through the beautiful Silver Star forests this trail is never so wide that it feels like a track, but never narrow enough that you get worried about clipping a bar on any trees.

It's a perfect blend of fast, furious and fun, with enough roughness to make it feel like a mountain bike trail rather than a pavement.

The trail isn't free of obstacles by any means, but none of them are particularly significant and even intermediate riders should be able to roll over them easily enough. This trail actually gets quite close to the village when it intersects the Cross Mountain Trail, so if you're looking for a final easy ride to finish the day, this is a great option because it's easy to get back to civilisation from midway down it.

Alternatively, ride it all the way down and embark on another challenge! Jedi Mind Trick is a logical step up from this line, and Challenger or Super Star are logical steps down! The trail firmly fits into the easier group of Silver Star rides but there's plenty of options should you wish to push things on from here!