A classic steep couloir which has the added draw of being visible from Innsbruck city centre!


4 - 5









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Combining some easy mountaineering with an exciting, steep ski line on a peak perched high above the Inn Valley, this is as good as ski days get. Start by riding the somewhat old fashioned lift system at the Rangger Köpfl ski area all the way to the top of the highest lift and from there ski/pole south-west across flat ground to the Krimpenbachsattel col.

Put skins on and continue south-west up and onto the rounded peak of Windegg, from where there is a great view of Innsbruck.

Carry on in the same direction until you get to the foot of a rocky ridge.

Take your skis off and put them on your bag - you're on foot from here all the way to the summit of the Roßkogel.

Follow the rock ridge over miles of great, easy scrambling with the occasional slightly trickier step and exposed section.

The scrambling is never hard but you do need at least a head for heights and the ability to operate in a no-fall zone before taking this tour on.

Once on the summit, don't be distracted by how good the south face looks to ski (looks are not deceiving!) and ski down the south-east ridge for 30 metres and then drop into the north couloir (Nordrinne in German).

The entrance is so steep that you need to sideslip but once you're 10 metres into the line the great skiing begins.

The terrain is consistent at 40-ish degrees but the width of the couloir (10 metres or so) means unless the snow is terrible, the skiing doesn't feel too extreme.

Keep making turns and savouring the ambience of being hemmed into this stunning line until, sadly, it opens up.

The slope below offers some great "pedal to the metal" terrain so being out of the couloir isn't too much of a hardship. Once onto the open slopes below the couloir manage your height carefully and you should just be able to swing around to the track south of the Rangger Köpfl pistes without having to go uphill.

Once on the track, follow it to where it almost touches the pistes.

Sidestep up to the piste and head down them to the village of Oberperfuss, where the resort starts.