One of the least technical rides in Salida, the singletrack is still flowy and fun.


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The Little Rainbow is one of the least-technical singletrack trails in the Salida area.

While riders won't experience significant technical challenges on this ride, the loop described here can still prove to be physically strenuous for even beginner riders.

The town of Salida lies at 7,000 feet in elevation, and the Little Rainbow Trail is close to 8,000 feet.

Even once on the trail itself, the climbs are manageable, but are still steep by beginner standards. If you're up to the physical requirements, the swoop and flow of the Little Rainbow is a pure joy to experience! With big berms on the inside of the turns, advanced riders can fly down the trail at high speeds.

The trail undulates, dips, and turns, rarely running in a straight line.

The machine-cut bench is very evident on this trail. The Racetrack Trail is a fast, non-technical descent that swoops down the mountain side, offering gorgeous views into the Castle Gardens area along the way.

Lost Trail is a great alternative descent option off the Little Rainbow that provides more challenge with steeper grades, bigger berms, and jump options.

Dead Bird also runs parallel with these two trails but isn't as entertaining.