Green's Creek is the most relentlessly-technical singletrack trail dropping off of the Monarch Crest, making it a favorite of enduro racers.


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Green's Creek is the most relentlessly-technical descent off of the iconic [Monarch Crest Trail](

While this singletrack doesn't have any major death-defying obstacles, the only time the rock gardens quit are when the roots cover them up or the trail crosses the creek itself.

Dropping thousands of vertical feet, riders will be pummeled and brutalized by the never-ending drops and boulders.

If you think riding downhill is easy, come try Green's Creek.

While some riders will be turned off by the difficulty and the challenge, others will choose to seek it out.

For dedicated enduro riders, the classic Silver Creek descent is just too tame--and for those riders, Green's Creek is the descent of choice! While the cascade of often wet and mud-slicked rocks demands complete concentration, if you stop and look around you'll find that Green's Creek descends through a gorgeous valley filled with lush undergrowth, beautiful aspen trees, and a rushing stream.

The beauty of this valley makes Green's Creek an appealing out-and-back from the bottom early in the season when the top of the trail is still snowed in. If ridden as a Monarch Crest shuttle, the Monarch Crest portion offers jaw-dropping mountain top scenery from the top of the Continental Divide Trail.

Traversing the ridge line for almost 10 miles, mountains spread out in all directions, providing incredible photo opportunities and enticing riders to simply sit and soak in the majesty! The singletrack on top of the Crest is relatively non-technical and flowy, but once you drop into Green's Creek, it's an entirely different story!