A steep climb directly from the car into some of the easiest access North facing lines within the Tamokdalen Valley


4 - 5









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The North bowl of Tamokdalen steadily rises directly from the road with almost 3000 vertical feet of excellent powder turns.

The run offers steep turns up top and down bottom with a perfectly wind sheltered bowl in the middle.

While most of the runs directly off the road are simple and straightforward this line is a bit more complicated. A bit of a backstory on this trip is needed…..

The previous day we were riding down Blåbærfjellet across the valley and this line caught our eyes with obvious powder holding onto the steep slopes.

The normal route is following the main gully up a steep chute before going into the open bowl but we thought we had found an alternative safer route by doing a low angle traverse on some benches instead of climbing up the avalanche exposed gut.

While our route worked below I will write the standard route as it is much easier to describe.

Driving up the Tamokdalen road soon enough you will arrive at a small plowed out section on the Northwest slopes of Tamokfjellet.

Parking the car you can see a small waterfall filled in with snow between cliff bands and this is the way up.

Using Crampons make your way up the steep gully until arriving at a mellow bowl.

By now it is time to put the skis on your feet and start heading up towards an obvious steep chute that makes its way up to the high col.

While the steep chute could be skinned we preferred to switch over to bootpacking until arriving up top. Once standing on top of the North Bowl just strap in and retrace your steps.

This line was eroded away via avalanches so proceed with caution and should only be done if you are feeling confident that the snowpack is stable as the lower crux is a natural choke. For more photos and information on the route check out this link https://www.whereiskylemiller.com/tamokdalen/northern-bowl-tamokfjellet/