A great line to ride if conditions are stable but just eye candy otherwise


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Háhttagáisi is a line that demands respect within the Tamokdalen Valley.

Driving along the road you will notice a massive open area that goes on for kilometres.

This area is actually one of the biggest avalanche paths in all of Norway.

Long story short just stay away from this place unless you are sure that the snow is stable.

Remember that you need to start early in the morning as by noon the directly south facing slopes are basking in the sun. Driving to the western edge of the avalanche slide path park your car and start making your way up.

Once you make your way up to treelike the slopes start benching and make a hard lookers left towards the much lower western col that allows access to the Northwestern slopes.

Being our first time on the mountain we decided to climb the ridge a bit before doing a painful (for snowboards) traverse until reaching the main western drainage.

From here to the summit it is pretty straightforward being able to skin up the lookers right drainage before hitting a small flat section just below the summit.

Being just a 100 feet below the top make your way up with each step making the view of the Tamok area better and better. Once on the summit it is time to choose your route down considering how avalanche conditions are.

Being a tad bit spooked we decided to drop down the northwest side around 50 vertical feet before traversing across to the upper north face and following our tracks all the way back to the car. The full story is that we wanted to ride the south chute with plans of descending around 11 a.m.

but we’re standing on top 2 hours later than expected.

Knowing that if the line did slide it would be catastrophic we went for plan B.

This was late spring and corn snow but that doesn’t mean that there is no fear of the snow sliding.

While riding down we did encounter big wet slides but made sure we never made turns above each other and rode with caution.

Arriving back at the car we were a bit disappointed not to ride the line we were hoping for but without a doubt we had made the safe and right choice. For more photos and information on the route check out this link https://www.whereiskylemiller.com/tamokdalen/hahttagaisi-south/