Making the most out of two great South facing runs in the Tamokdalen Backcountry


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Being a snowboarder there is nothing worse then skinning up a flat valley only to find yourself skinning back down it at the end of your day.

I came up with this ski tour as a way to not have to deal with a nasty exit making the most out of two separate ski runs in a single day. This ski tour starts at the same trailhead as Jempehaugen and we decided to follow the creek up via the lookers right side.

While the elevation was flat and the route pretty straight forward there were a few sections where it seemed the opposite side of the creek would have been easier.

Once on the edge of tree line make your way up the bowl on the skiers right hand side until reaching the base of Oksetinden. A few well placed kick turns will allow you to easily arrive at the summit and take in some great views of the Lyngen Alps just across the valley in the distance.

Putting your snowboard or skis under your feet make your way back down into the valley before deciding if you want to make your way up Kjempetinden or just head back to the car.

If you decided to climb Kjempetinden then it is time to put on crampons and start climbing the slopes directly across the valley from the original run.

While a bit steep it is a direct climb all the way to the summit.

This time around you want to follow the west ridge until about halfway down start doing a hard traverse to the skiers left.

Before long you are on the slopes of Jemphaugen and following other peoples tracks all the way to the valley.

If you are stubborn just carry your board back to the parking lot but if you don’t want to be swearing for the next 10 minutes you might find it worth just skinning back to the car. Once again both of these tours can be done by themselves for a great day but if you want to make the most out of a long day then why not go for both. For more photos and information on the route check out this link