The perfect south facing line when conditions line up.


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The South Gully of Tamokfjellet isn’t a line you can see from the road but with a rather easy 3 kilometre approach following a snowmobile road you are at the base of a great and aesthetic fall line run within the Vasseldallen valley.

While this slope would be amazing in powder (but also very dangerous) it really shines in late spring corn snow.

Leaving from the Camp Tamok parking lot follow the snowmobile trail until it breaks off into a Y.

You need to head off to the left as the right will take you across the creek and into the wrong direction.

Following the open route which usually has a few snowmobile tracks to loosely follow you will end up at the obvious base looking up a snow filled gully from the lower apron. Make a few well placed kick turns until right below the first crux and head off to the safe ridge on the lookers right before switching to crampons.

Once it is time to start ascending it is best to climb on the lookers right side of the gully as if a slide did happen you will be a bit more protected than climbing directly up the gut.

After two small choke points the terrain starts to open up for the last 1/3 of the route.

Make no mistake there is no safe way to climb BUT sticking to the lookers left does put you in less danger (notice I said less).

Once arriving on the flats of the summit it is time to retrace your steps back down the continuous 3,000 foot line back to the flats of the valley.

After celebrating a great line it is good to know that the creek is open around 30 meters from the climb if you want to get water before or after climbing.

With the line ticked off your list of “great lines in the Tamokdalen Backcountry” retrace your skin track back to the car.

Once again this line has two main choke points that would be disastrous in unstable snow so it should only be climbed if you are confident with the snowpack.

Being a south facing slope it is good to head there early in the morning and start descending before the heat of the day as by noon this slope is getting direct sun causing the perfect situation for Wet slides so make sure to have more then enough time to head both up and down safely. For more photos and information on the route check out this link