New school flow combines with Buffalo Creek's classic granite rocks and beautiful views to create the popular Little Scraggy Loop.


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Little Scraggy is the newest addition to the popular Buffalo Creek Trail System.

The local trail advocates, trail designers, and trail builders knew that any trail built in this trail system--one of the most popular trail systems serving the millions of people on Colorado's Front Range--had to be top quality.

Little Scraggy's incredible ride quality and flow is the result of that hard work. While riders always rave about the inspiring descent, before you can go down you have to get to the top.

Climbing the Nice Kitty trail is a steep but rideable grunt, with switchbacking bench cut singletrack that occasionally runs up exposed granite slabs.

Once you've climbed about half way up Nice Kitty the scenery begins to open up, providing incredible views of the surrounding mountain ranges. The climbing isn't done yet.

Once on the Little Scraggy trail, the singletrack rolls through undulating terrain, with optional rock rolls and ledge drops providing challenge for advanced riders.

However, all obstacles can be bypassed, making this route a great choice for intermediate riders with respectable fitness. After passing through the undulating terrain, Little Scraggy begins climbing in earnest to reach the route's high point.

Unfortunately, the highest point on the route doesn't offer up a view or even a summit of any sort, but the reward is the sweet, flowing descent! Little Scraggy's descent is the stuff dreams are made of! Fast singletrack with jumps, massive bermed corners, and optional black diamond lines.

The marquee section features massive back-to-back berms that will prompt many riders to stop and hike back up to session them again and again.

While the section of massive berms tends to cement itself in riders' minds, the entire trail is fast and flowy, with optional jumps and alt lines all over the place.

This singletrack is a true work of art, and riders all over Colorado--and the nation--have recognized this incredible design, showering high praise on Little Scraggy on every mountain bike website in existence.