Not only is it considered the best backcountry singletrack descent in Crested Butte, but Doctor Park ranks as one of the best singletrack descents in the nation!


3 - 4









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The Doctor Park singletrack plummets from its high elevation start through a high alpine meadow, into an aspen grove, and down into pines and a dry climate zone at lower elevation, making it one of the most raucous and entertaining backcountry descents not only in Crested Butte, but in the United States! The route described here is for a human-powered loop of this trail, but shuttle options exist (see direction section).

The route shown here climbs up a 2wd dirt road, fords a deep mountain stream, and finishes the climb on a steep 4x4 road. The Doctor Park singletrack begins in an alpine pine forest, with the optional loop swinging out of the forest into a beautiful high alpine meadow with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Once the trail turns downward, it drops fast and furious! The straight section through the high alpine meadow blurs by, entering an aspen grove.

The aspens' blurred appearance from the speed have led locals to affectionately name this section "Star Wars." Once the trail enters the trees it gets progressively more and more technical.

Up high, bigger boulders, trenched-out sections, and ledgy drops requires riders searching for speed to air out sections to smooth the trail.

As the trail descends the soil gets progressively drier and rockier, and the drops get bigger--with some ~4+ foot drops lower down.

Most of the biggest drops can be rolled or bypassed.

High speed straight-line descending filled with boulder fields, drops, roots, and more -- what's not to love?! Bring as much suspension as you own and rip into this iconic descent!