Top of Espinhaço Mountains, Brazil


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The Espinhaço Mountains are a mountain range in Brazil.

The range runs roughly north and south through the states of Minas Gerais and Bahia, extending for approximately 1,100 km (680 mi).

It forms the divide between the upper watershed of the São Francisco River and those of the shorter rivers which flow east into the Atlantic Ocean, including the Doce, the Jequitinhonha, and the Pardo rivers.

Pico do Sol, its highest peak, rises to 2,072 metres (6,798 ft), in Catas Altas town (Caraça National Park).

The historical town of Diamantina is located in the Espinhaço Mountains.

The Espinhaço Mountains were a major route through which Minas Gerais was settled during the Gold Rush of the 18th century. This trail is in the high mountains of Espinhaço.

It starts in Morro da Agua Quente and finishes in Catas Altas.

It can be done in two or three days.

No less. The climb is quite physically strenuous.

You have to overcome obstacles of rocks and closed bushes at all times.

In some parts of the trail, there will be three fixed ropes to help the ascent.

The overnight is done at the Baianinho Peak camping.

From this point, the attack to Suns Peak can be done in 1 hour, depending on your pace.

From Baianinho you can climb to Baiano Peak for in 40 more minutes. On the descent, it passes Tamandua Peak and ends at Agulhinhas Peak before arriving in the city of Catas Altas.