If death-defying ledge drops, massive boulders, narrow singletrack on top of a thousand-foot cliff, and jaw-dropping views constitute your idea of fun, then Rockstacker to Jackson's is for you!


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Rockstacker and Jackson's are two of the most technical, high consequence mountain bike trails in Moab--and by extension, the world.

While an advanced-level rider can brave these trails if they're willing to walk some sections, riding this entire loop requires expert-level skills. The route mapped here begins by climbing up the Hymasa singletrack trail.

For a climbing route, this trail is an absolute gem.

While it gains some serious vertical and features big up-and-over moves and slickrock slab traverses, this route is 100% rideable uphill, making it one of the most entertaining climbs ever.

As you pedal up the slickrock, be sure to look up from your front tire and soak in the epic views of this incredible zone! When Hymasa concludes, the ultra-rocky Amasa Back 4x4 road traverses the ridge top, with jaw-dropping views off the top of the cliffs.

Since you're now on top of the ridge, use a combination of Amasa Back, some singletrack, and some slickrock riding to access the unique Pothole Arch. Once on Rockstacker, the real action begins! Rockstacker is home to some massive ledge drops that require absolute control to prevent rocketing off the side of a massive cliff.

Huge rock gardens and features are the name of the game here.

This is expert-only terrain! Once on Jackson's the obstacles are still sizeable black-diamond features, but gone are the huge ledge drops.

However, if anything Jackson's is even more exposed than Rockstacker, with the narrow singletrack hugging the top of a humungous cliff that drops straight down to the Colorado River below.

If you're up to the technical challenge, the views from this trail are second to none! Jackson's works its way down the ridge side, and one final uber-technical fall line plunge (reminiscent of Rockstacker) drops riders down to flatter ground.

The final section of Jackson's circles around a small inlet of the Colorado River.

In the spring or early summer when the water level is high, this section can be impassable.

If you do choose to ride Jackson's in the spring, your choices include bushwacking through dense undergrowth or fording through murky water with a muddy bottom that could be chest deep (or worse).

For that reason, Jackson's is recommended in the fall.