This short beginner loop in the North Fruita Desert is not only very approachable, it's a heck of a lot of fun, too!


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This short beginner loop climbs up Prime Cut and Descends PBR (Pumps, Berms, and Rollers), creating a short loop that's very approachable for beginner riders.

While this loop is very reasonable in distance, technical difficulty, and elevation gain, the descent down PBR is so much fun that it will have everyone begging for a second loop! Prime Cut is one of the most popular climbs at 18 Road, thanks to a moderate grade, great uphill flow, and its easy access from the main trailhead.

PBR is a directional beginner-level flow trail that turns off the top of Prime Cut, making for an easy-to-navigate loop.

None of the pumps, berms, or rollers are very big or very difficult, but the swoop and flow of the trail coupled with the grade reversals of the rollers makes for a kinesthetically pleasing experience that riders of all ability levels will enjoy! For advanced riders traveling at higher rates of speed, more options open up.

What might appear to a beginner to be a roller with a descent following it can quickly turn into a gap step down for a fast-moving advanced rider.

Simply pop the upper lip, gap the hump, and land on the downslope--golden! 18 Road's popularity is largely attributable to its beginner-friendly trails that beckon new riders and families with young kids.

And yet, if the parents are advanced-level riders (for instance), other trails in the area will keep them entertained on solo rides.

It's a winning formula!