While easily accessible from the town of Grand Junction, the Lunch Loops provide rocky, technical singletrack to challenge even the best of mountain bikers.


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The Lunch Loops trail system gets its name from its proximity to downtown Grand Junction.

With views of the downtown skyline from the singletrack, local riders often pedal out to the Lunch Loops for a quick ride on their lunch hour. Despite being so accessible to town, overall the Lunch Loops provide highly-technical singletrack filled with rocks, rocks, and more rocks.

Rock gardens lead to rock slabs, rock drops, rock rolls, and more rock-filled features.

A few beginner trails lie close to the road and the trailhead, but if you venture far into the system, you'll be confronted with rocks a-plenty.

While tons of route options exist in this trail system, including the epic Ribbon shuttle run (mapped separately), the route given here is a great way to make the most of the network.

Specifically, the Gunny Loop trail is one of the longest single trails in the network, providing beautiful views of the valley and sweet, serpentine singletrack.

Overall the singletrack on the Gunny Loop is less technical than some of the other trails in the network, but flowing trail transitions into rock gardens rapidly, before returning to the flow. For other great options in this area be sure to check out Free Lunch for an uber-technical double black diamond descent, Holy Cross for a black diamond trail bisecting the trail system, and the massive dirt jump park at the trailhead!