While the Lower Loop may be the easiest singletrack trail in Crested Butte, the flow is sweet and the scenery is unreal!


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The Lower Lower Loop trail is the easiest singletrack trail in Crested Butte, but this is the type of trail that every beginner wishes they could learn on! The swoop and flow will have you hooting and hollering, and the mind-boggling views of the surrounding mountain peaks, the Slate River, and a couple of small lakes are postcard-worthy.

It's difficult to overstate how scenic this trail is, from the crystal-clear river flowing right below the singletrack, to jagged mountain peaks lining both sides of the narrow valley.

Vistas back toward Crested Butte highlight the monolith of Mount Crested Butte towering above town.

And if you strain your eyes, you can glimpse Paradise Divide way down at the end of the Slate River Valley.

Along the trail itself, wildflowers spring up every year, and the aspen groves--while gorgeous any time of year--turn a brilliant gold in September. Riding out-and-back on Lower Lower Loop is a fantastic route for absolute beginners, with the swoop and flow of the mostly-smooth singletrack sure to hook even the skeptics.

Since the Lower Lower Loop follows the bank of the river, the elevation gain is minimal.

This is about the flattest yet most entertaining trail imaginable! If you opt to climb up to the Upper Lower Loop, the views are ratcheted up another notch, along with the flow.

Bigger swoops and corners encourage even more speed.

While there are a few more rocks on the Upper Lower Loop, it's still great for confident beginners and early intermediate riders.

Not only is Lower Loop one of the easiest trails in Crested Butte, it's one of the most easily accessible--within easy pedaling/walking distance of downtown.

That accessibility leads to a lot of trail traffic, but it's still worth it.

The relatively low elevation also makes it one of the first few trails to dry out in the spring and one of the last to get snowed in in the winter.

All things considered, the Lower Loop is an absolute gem of a trail!