Great descent best seen from Kilpisjärvi Finland


7 - 8









FATMAP difficulty grade



Barras is a beautiful mountain located in Tromsso county, Norway but it's very close to border of Finland.

The best descent is located at the southfacing slope of the mountain.

The best possible way to see the glimpse of this inviting line is to check it from Kilpisjärvi, Finland. The route up to Barras starts from Signaldalen.

Drive all the way to the end of the Parasveien road and park the car.

From the parking lot you can start a mellow touring by using a snowmobile track that leads up to treeline.

Once almost, at the treeline you will see a big gully on the left handside.

Go over this gully and start making your way up.

West face of Barras can be seeing from here.

Keep gaining altitude and going around in a mellow terrain until you start clearly seeing the southface.

When you see the whole southface you can start moving towards a flats in lookers right.

Touring is very easy all the way to this point.

From here you can check the current situation of the line and make a plan.

You can keep touring up the eastern side of southface until it gets too hard.

Then change gear and hike to the top.

This can also be a fun descent if the snow in the main object doesn't work.

The views are amazing! Once at the top check the line carefully.

Make snow assessments and remember that the line is located in interior high country which makes it quite easy to get wind effected.

Top part is most likely going to be hard because of rime snow but the open field can hold good snow. After you have safely made your way down the main object keep cruising towards back where you came from.

The gully is amazing run for snowboarders.

Once you are at the snowmobile track.

Keep pumping and making speed.

If you have good skills you might be able to cruise back almost to the car. Wether you choose to ride the mellow line or main one Barras is amazing experience.