One of the largest and most famous slabs in Squamish.


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Squamish is famous worldwide for its incredible slab riding.

On these technical test pieces, mountain bike routes plummet straight down the slabs of exposed granite that cover the mountainsides.

The grip from the rock is good… ish… but the incredible steepness of these rock plummets, some of which are near-vertical, means that you’ll never go slower than whatever speed you drop in at! Your bike will only continue to accelerate down the slab, so be prepared to hit the exit, which sometimes is filled with janky drops and abrupt hairpin turns, at an absurd rate of speed! While In-N-Out Burger isn’t the most technical slab in the region, at roughly 100 feet tall, it’s one of the largest! The views of Squamish and the surrounding mountains from the top of the slab are to die for, but keep your eyes on your line once you drop in.

After banking right off the ridge, your bike will accelerate obscenely fast as you race for the narrow exit! The route shown here is a short loop designed to get you to the top of this famous line as quickly as possible.

At only 2 miles long, you could use this route to do a quick loop on this iconic line.

For a longer route that takes in more slabs, see "[Classic Squamish Slab Ride](," mapped separately.

Or, if you want to run multiple laps on In-N-Out, take a left on the forest service road to return to Mashiter, to climb quickly back to the top.