A tough (but scenic) start to a long journey!


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A fittingly tough start to a tough trip, the first day of the Pennine Way doesn't pull any punches! The route does go over Snake Pass, from where it's a simple (if slightly tedious) stroll down to Glossop, but other than bailing to Glossop there isn't really a logical way of shortening this day.

It's by no means a huge hike, and if you're fit enough to complete the Pennine Way you should have no problem with it, but it's still a challenging start to the trip. One other issue to be aware of is that Crowden (and Standedge, at the end of day 2) have pretty limited amenities (and there are no places to stock up between them either) so make sure you've got plenty of snacks and supplies for several days worth of lunches before embarking on the trail.

The good news is that if you solve the minimal logistical issues, and are sufficiently fit, this is a fabulous start to a long and wonderful journey up northern England's central spine.

The trails starts in Edale - a village which is charming even by the high standards of the Peak District - and then climbs up onto Kinder Low; scene of the 1932 Mass Trespass, when Peak District locals protested against proposals which would have restricted public access to the area.

Their actions resulted - eventually - in universal access to British moorlands, and in turn the creation of National Parks, with the Peak District being the first one created.

If the weather is good you'll be able to ponder your gratitude to the 1932 trespassers as you wander across the barren but beautiful ridge which winds over to Snake Pass and then up to and across Bleaklow.

In bad conditions you'll likely be too busy navigating to think about much else; this section is notoriously easy to get lost on! From Bleaklow descend to Torside Reservoir and on to the campsite at Crowden.

If you can befriend someone with a vehicle at the campsite and get a lift into one of the nearby villages then there are some great pubs to enjoy! Failing that the campsite has basic facilities and enough supplies to keep you on the trail.