BC - Rim , UT Rim, Peekaboo, Queen's Garden Trail Loop


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Rim trail from The Lodge to Bryce Point, partial Under The Rim Trail, then Peekaboo Trail Connector, and on to Queens Garden Trail.

THE CATHEDRAL - The Cathedral sits atop a bluff at the northwest end of the loop trail, stretching its spires toward the sky. WALL OF WINDOWS - A fin of seemingly delicate hoodoos that hugs the lower slopes of the rim just to the west of Bryce Point, the Wall of Windows is considered by some to be the most spectacular formation along the Peekaboo Loop Trail. The Queen's Garden Trail covers the area between Sunrise and Sunset Points, leading to the Queen Victoria rock formation.

The trail includes two tunnels.

Queens Garden - The most expansive views are near the top of the Queens Garden Trail, over a wide area of hoodoos to the north, extending towards Fairyland Canyon, and of closer formations to the south.

The path descends rather steeply down a sloping ridgeline, passing several nice groups of hoodoos on the right, and reaches a promontory at the end of the ridge, soon after which is a junction with a horse trail on the left, used to bypass several narrower sections ahead.

Next, the main trail passes through a short, artificial tunnel, zig zags down a hillside giving good views of a pinnacle-filled ravine, then encounters a second tunnel, a short level stretch, a third tunnel, and finally a junction, with a very short spur trail to a viewpoint of Queens Garden.

The garden is a beautiful semi-circular ridge of eroded formations, high above the viewing area, formed of many thin spires colored yellow, brown, orange and pink, crossed by a whitish band lower down.

At the center is a swirling, elevated formation thought to resemble Queen Victoria.