A classic traverse with amazing skiing


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



A peak with lots of amazing ski lines, you spot it as soon as you drive up the valley and it draws you in.

The full traverse is the best route on it, and a cracking day out, but the other lines will become obvious when you are there. From the parking, follow the ski du fond track to the Torrent Rif de Chatelard.

From here pick your way through the trees towards the Cabin de Lamaron, here you leave the trees and continue up the valley.

Climb the steeper section to a col next to Pic Cascavelier, this is an easy ski tour in its own right.

Climb the ridge to the summit of the Pointe des Marcelettes, the last section will probably be a boot pack to get to the summit. From the summit descend a short way down the shoulder to the west and then descend in in to the Chatelard valley, you drop in to a small bowl and then on to a bigger face.

Traverse the face a short way then turn right on to steeper slopes.

As you get to the bottom of the valley and the trees there is a water fall (frozen).

Depending on snow levels you can ski to the left or right of it - it is obvious but you should still keep your eyes open for it.

Once below the waterfall follow the torrent which is a fun little ski with twist and turns back to the ski du fond track and the parking.