Great tree skiing.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



One of the best larch skiing routes in the area, which is perfect on powder days.

But be warned it's accessed by a small road and a 4x4 may be needed, if you come here just after fresh snow you will not be popular if you block this road! Park where the road closes on the way to Mikeou (normally around Truchet).

From there skin up the road to Mikeou and at the buildings enter the trees.

There are a series of paths and a road leading up the hill side.

Often the skin tracks will pick the best line between these, in some places it can be steep.

Make your way up to the Crete de la Breche where the trees start to thin out, and from there head up the open ground to the summit.

Ski back over the open ground to the trees - here you have a lot of option for routes.

You want to stay on the broad shoulder, go far left and you come to a gully that is often full of trees.

Too far right and you get on to steep ground and it’s not a nice ski.

Sticking to the shoulder gives a nice angle for skiing and the trees are well spaced out for most of it.

Keep checking you are heading in the right direction - it’s easy to get dragged too far one way and have to traverse back round at the bottom.

Descend through the tress until you get back to Mike, then down the road back to where you parked.