Classic couloir skiing in an amazing place.


3 - 4









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An amazing couloir down into Ailefroide, this line should be on every steep skier's to do list.

There's also easy and quick access if you use the uplift from Pelvoux.

Get a rando pass from the lift station (this is one ride to the top of the resort's 2 lifts).

From the top of the second lift you need to put skins on and head to the Croix du Chastellet it crosses some steep ground.

From the cross traverse the ridge, towards the end of the ridge you can drop off left and head to round to the end of the ridge.

Continue upwards until at around 2600m you will see the Rouya peak to your north - traverse towards it.

You join a ridge heading to the summit of la Rouya, and below the summit of the Rouya )around 2700m) you will find the entrance to the couloir. The first 20 meters of descent are steep (having a rope or ice axe may help depending on conditions).

Once down the first bit, the route bears right and you should see it narrow between two rock faces.

Follow the obvious line down and into the Ravin de Alpet.

At the bottom you want the skiers left bank of the river and ski down through the trees to the Ailefroide village (cut around the right hand side of it).

Join the closed road back to Pelvoux, at the bottom before the road tunnel you can follow a ski du fond track to the Pelvoux ski parking.