Great tree skiing when the snow is good.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



This route is a great option on snowy days, as the tree ski to Vallouise is great, From the parking take the snow-covered road towards Narreyroux.

There are tracks that cut the corners of the road to make it shorter.

Head for the few houses known as Sousteyran, then leave the road again and go behind the houses heading up to the tree line.

From here go straight up an open face that joins a ridge at the top.

Once the trees finish you can continue up the open ridge as far as you want.

If the snow isn’t good enough to make the full descent to Vallouise it is still a nice ski tour to ski back down the way you went up. ‍For the descent to Vallouise ski back til you hit the trees (just before the ridge narrows), and go left in to the trees in a slight gully.

There are lots of options for skiing in trees just just need to keep your eyes open for the more open terrain.

As you get near the bottom you are aiming for a foot path that comes up off the valley floor, which allows best access to the bottom.

If you miss this the last bit can be a bit of a bush bash! It brings you out one a ski du fond track that goes back to Vallouise.

Remember you will need a pair car parked at the bottom or to hitch to get back to the upper parking.