A really nice easier line, perfect for those new to ski touring. But a big day out as well.


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



A big day, perfect for those still new to ski touring, with lots of skiing and a refuge to get a drink in on the way down.

The last section of the descent (down from the refuge) can be tricky in poor snow but there are normally options in the trees.

Park in the main parking in Névache (The road is normally shut from here in early winter).

Follow the closed road now a ski de fond track, as it heads uphill to a small plateau with a chapel.

As the road starts to lose height descend to the south-ish to the bridge at 1749m.

Follow the tracked path up to the Chalets du Buffère (the refuge is here).

Head along the GR57 a short way and then bear west towards the 2170m point, from here you make your way North West up a series of easier angle slopes to the Crête de Baude. The descent is the same way back down, there is plenty of space on the face to get your own tracks scout and pick your lines on the way up.

As you come to the valley floor it starts to flatiron out and a bit of speed is need to make it back to the refuge.

vIf the refuge is open, why not relax and enjoy a drink before heading back to the trees.

Follow the narrow path or (better) ski the trees just next to the path, you will have to climb from the bridge at the bottom of the path back to the ski du fond track.