A stunning line, the couloir is great skiing.


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



A stunning line, that can be seen from the opposite valley and just screams to be skied, but it can be hard to get in condition - sometimes the couloir is in good condition but the exit slopes are bare.

It is easy to access but feels remote, at the top there is a strange rock formation with a keyhole in it that offers a view threw the rock wall. Starting from the Névache parking (the road shuts here in winter), head west out of the village on the road/ski du fond track.

Follow this for a short way to just passed St Benoit where there is a path leading off north to the Chalets du Vallon.

Follow this path, it is steep and very often lacking in snow.

It leads you up in to the higher valley.

As the valley sides widen out and you can see your line on the right.

Cross the river and head towards it, gaining height up the bank to enter the couloir.

Enter the couloir and climb it to the top, keeping your eyes open near the top for the cool key hole in the rock wall.

Descend the couloir, it has a consistent angle and a fun ski in good snow, at the bottom return to the tight path.

If path is lacking snow or just.

To tight for you it is often easier to walk down the path.

Once back on the ski du fond track follow it back to the parking.