An interesting line with face and tree skiing.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



This route has a little bit of everything: trees; open faces and there are a few gullies on the descent if you explore.

Overall it's a great intermediate trip. Arrive at the parking and continue on foot into the old village.

In the village go south on a small road to a bridge.

Just after the bridge follow the track west for a short distance, then turn south and start to climb up through the trees following the summer footpath (roughly).

Keep an eye out for the open gaps and gullies in the trees as you will be skiing back down this way.

Keep climbing until it starts to level off and the angle gets easier.

Follow the stream until the trees start to thin out.

You will see a big rock sat in the middle of the valley floor, head to the left of it and then climb the west facing slopes behind it.

From here head towards the Lac de Cristol.

Pass by the Northern end of the lac and you will see a face open up that leads west up to the summit and the spot height of 2576m. From summit descend back down the open face towards the lac.

From the lac you have to pick your line as it becomes flat and some poling may be needed.

Once you pass the big rock the angle becomes better for skiing, as you enter the trees and it gets steeper - pick the open lines through the trees to descend to the valley floor.