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This is a truly classic Pennine Way day and leads you along one of Britain's best known landmarks - Hadrian's Wall.

The wall, built to separate the English and the Scots (or, more accurately, "Roman Britannia" and "Caledonia" to use the parlance of the time) and makes for a wonderful feature along which to walk. The path today follows the wall for over 8 miles and they're some of the finest miles of the whole wall.

We've got the entire Hadrian's Wall hike described in FATMAP, but that 6 or 7 day journey doesn't have many sections better than the part of it which you'll hike on this part of the Pennine Way.

As well as the scenery, the feeling of walking through history - the Romans did build the wall after all - only adds to the ambience of the day.

Having left the wall behind you'll turn north and head through peaceful forests, farmlands and moors, all requiring a little more navigation than was necessary when following the wall.

There are countless undulations on the route before you eventually hit a road.

Follow this (as much fun it sounds) into Bellingham.

Although small, the village has a surprising amount of amenities - you'll find a good shop and several pubs/hotels at which to stay and eat. Tomorrow's hike into the Cheviot hills is relatively short, so you can enjoy your evening in Bellingham without worrying about getting an early start in the morning.