Gorgeous forests and moors lead you into the glorious Cheviot Hills


5 - 6









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One of the easier sections on the Pennine Way, this is day of contrasts.

The first section is on open moorland and is usually boggy underfoot as a result.

The second half of the day passes through some of the peaceful forests for which this region is well known.

Heather and bogs characterise the first part of the trip today, and by this stage on the Pennine Way you should be an expert in dealing with these! The views and big sky above you are wonderful, so keep on trudging and enjoy the increasingly remote terrain surrounding you. The latter part of the day is through forests, so the quality of the paths improves significantly from the morning, but sadly the views cease as you travel through the trees.

The ambience is still lovely, but there's not much to look at! Byrness awaits at the end of the day and it's only just big enough to be called a village, so don't count on it for much more than a basic restock.

There is accommodation available there so you'll be able to get a bed and some food, but don't count on being able to buy anything more than snacks for the days ahead.

As such, stocking up for 3 days worth of snacks before leaving Bellingham is a good idea, annoying as it is to carry that much in your pack.

Once in Byrness you really are within reach of Scotland, and the end of the Pennine Way.

The final 2 days of the trip are wild and wonderful so savour your near success before embarking on the last leg of your journey.