There are plenty of impressive peaks in Queensland's Mount Barney National Park, but arguably none as impressive as Leaning Peak. This climb is part of the 52 Peaks Challenge


4 - 5









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Of all the summits in Mount Barney National Park, few are as imposing - or impressive - as Leaning Peak (1137m).

Although there are a variety of trails that take you to the summit, this route (12.6km / 4-5 hours) involves plenty of navigation and an exposed scramble to get to the top. As such, this is a route for experienced bushwalkers only.

While the early stages of the trail are relatively straightforward if you can navigate the Aussie bush, it's the final climb to the peak that represents the real challenge.

Exposed and steep, anyone attempting the climb needs to be familiar - and comfortable - with steep scrambling. For those that attempt it, the rewards are many.

The views are spectacular and the options for the descent vary from downclimbing to abseiling.

Take your pick.

Needless to say, Leaning Peak is not for the faint-hearted.

Make sure you have the equipment and supplies needed to tackle a peak like this, and let someone know before you go.

And as with all of these challenges, be sure to download the map before you go to help with navigation.