If you're looking for spectacular views, Mt Maroon offers them in abundance. It's a short, challenging, but well worth-the-effort hike. This hike is part of the 52 Peaks Challenge


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Mount Maroon is located in the McPherson range in South East Queensland.

A popular destination for hikers and climbers, there are a few routes to the summit (939m), all representing their own different challenges. Starting out from the trailhead on Cotswold Road (alternatively, you can begin from Kingsland Camping), the reasonably well-marked track climbs steadily up the hill.

Following it through a gully with some excellent climbing cliffs, it then winds through some local vegetation before emerging at the base of the peak.

From there it's a straight hike to the summit. With views that extend the length of the Main Range, as well as taking in Mount Barney and the Moogerah Peaks, it's well worth the hike. A couple of things to note: there are no facilities in the area so make sure to bring ample food and water.

While the track is well marked, it can be hard to follow at times so some level of navigation is required (download the map before you leave).

And when climbing through the gully make sure you don't dislodge any stones - there may be fellow climbers below!