This expansive trail system features miles and miles of slickrock and singletrack spreading out in every direction. The options are seemingly endless!


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Klondike Bluffs isn’t the best known or most-ridden trail system in Moab, and it’s arguably not quite as good as the iconic trails that have made Moab famous.

But one thing it does offer that many other Moab trail systems don’t is mileage—miles upon miles of technical slickrock and singletrack.

Most riders could spend an entire week exploring the various loops, spurs, connections, and options in this network.

With that in mind, the route mapped here is just one option that’s easily accessible from the southern trailhead. You also won’t find any lengthy climbs in the Klondike Bluffs Trail System.

While yes, the short rises do add up over time, the overall topography here consists of small hills and ridges.

From a distance, those hills and ridges look inviting and comforting, but once you start pedaling up them you’ll find that they aren’t as easy as they first appeared! Rippled slickrock filled with ledges, drops, and some tight, exposed corners will keep you on your toes.

While a few beginner trails run through this network, most of the trails here are rated either intermediate or advanced, and the black trails don’t pull any punches! With the one lengthy beginner trail and the dirt road, it is indeed possible to form a beginner loop in this zone if that’s what you’re looking for.

The route mapped here incorporates one of the newest loops in the zone, the Miner’s Loop, which is definitely a black diamond with short, steep climbs, and tight, ledgy turns.

The route mapped here also follows the black diamond EKG trail—one of the best-known trails in the network. This route also incorporates Mega Steps, another popular black diamond trail in the northern reaches of the trail system.

For a shorter route from the southern trailhead, skip the Mega Steps add-on.

For a shorter ride on Mega Steps, access it from the northern trailhead. If you think you’ve ridden everything that Moab has to offer, put Klondike Bluffs on your list.

I can guarantee that there’s a trail somewhere in this network that you haven’t pedaled yet!