Navajo Rocks embodies new school Moab mountain biking at its finest!


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Much of Moab’s trail development in recent years has taken place in and around the Navajo Rocks area.

In fact, a decade ago “Navajo Rocks” didn’t exist.

This zone has been built from the ground up by mountain bikers, for mountain bikers.

Singletrack connections now exist to 7 Up, Mag 7, and more, meaning you could theoretically ride from downtown Moab to Navajo Rocks and back on singletrack.

Theoretically… In actual practice, Navajo Rocks functions as its own riding zone due to its location about 24 miles outside of downtown Moab.

The singletrack is located on a rise that provides expansive views of the entire region.

The riding here is new school in that it incorporates some sweet singletrack and creative line choices as the trail snakes through the rocks and along slickrock shelves.

But it’s still classic Moab: the newer-style singletrack sections lead to slabby slickrock with ledges and drops, with Moab's iconic spray painted dots guiding your way. Most of Navajo Rocks should be rideable by a confident intermediate rider, although some sections exceed.

As with most of Moab’s slickrock riding, in many ways the ride is as difficult as you make it.

Air off the ledge, or roll it? It’s your choice.

Straight line, or switchback down the rock? Again, it’s up to you.

No matter which loop you choose, or even if you decide to ride both, you’ll be treated to a combination of flowy singletrack, challenging rocks, and scenic views in every direction!