The Hogbacks trails can be accessed easily from downtown Canon City, providing both easy beginner trails and gnarly black-diamond descents.


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The singletrack in the Hogbacks area is easily accessible from the west side of Canon City, making these trails popular for after work rides.

Consequently, dog walkers, hikers, and runners also frequent these trails, although the nearby gravel trail takes much of the foot traffic. One of the most interesting things about this network is the radical diversity of the trails.

The lower Graneros trail is very flowy, mellow, non-technical, and beginner-friendly.

But as you climb up the ridge to access the higher trails, the singletrack quickly switches to black diamond difficulty, with some sections exceeding.

The upper Dakota Ridge trail along the hogback spine is a must-ride, but some sections will force even the best riders to dismount due to awkward stair sections.

But the views make up for this awkwardness.

As you ride a knife-edge ridge, the views in every direction are simply stunning! When Dakota Ridge turns down, the singletrack switches to 100% gnar, with full-commitment rock rolls plunging into hard turns with lots of exposure.

While all rideable by advanced riders, trust in your bike and your bike handling skills is an absolute must.

Once back on Graneros, it's tempting to simply coast back to the trailhead, but pedaling halfway back up the ridge to access the short Stone Quarry trail is well-worth the effort.

In addition to running past an old stone quarry, more technical ledge-filled descending awaits you. While these trails are short and steep, Hogbacks is well-worth adding to your Canon City schedule as an afternoon quickie.