A long and varied stroll around of the southern England's best loved natural landmarks


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Winding its way through much of the Box Hill estate and passing some excellent viewpoints (not to mention a few good pubs) this is a great way to get to know a popular walking area.

Starting and finishing at the main Box Hill National Trust carpark, the hike is easily reached from the various towns which surround it.

The main Box Hill and Bramblehall Wood trail network is a maze of forested paths, but this particular hike takes you on a circular journey around the area.

The first section of it leads north - via a unique tower called Broadwood's Folly - to Mickleham village, home to some gorgeous Tudor buildings and a couple of excellent pubs.

It's early on the hike, but grabbing a drink and sitting in one of the quintessentially English beer gardens is wonderful, even if you haven't - yet - earned the calories! From Mickleham, head vaguely eastwards to reach the open, grassy Mickleham Gallops and then the forests and fields of Headley Heath.

Enjoying the peaceful paths of Headley Heath before emerging out on a road section on the outskirts of Box Hill village.

Once south of the village you'll get back on a path and it's a scenic journey back to the carpark as you pass between viewpoints and bucolic sections of forest.

The trail passes through the tiny hamlet of Boxhurst and then it's a final climb up to your car.

The carpark has a cafe which serves excellent Victoria sponge, so treat yourself and toast a wonderful walk!