Lush forest, abundant nature and views aplenty, this Spring Mountain Trail is a great day hike for anyone looking for a little adventure.


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Located on the outskirts of Brisbane, it's no surprise that the Spring Mountain trail is a relatively popular hike in the area.

There are a number of ways to tackle the hike to the summit - some more direct than others - but this trail sets out from the car park located at the end of White Rock Drive and includes a loop back down the mountain. The trail to the summit crosses a number of tracks before the 'official' Spring Mountain Trail kicks in.

Relatively wide in the early stages, the trail gets narrower as it climbs towards the summit.

Recent heavy rains have also washed away parts of the track, so be prepared to make the occasional detour or scramble around any impacted areas.

Despite being a relatively well-known trail, it is not well marked and so a map is essential.

In addition, cell coverage is minimal in the area so download the map of the area before heading out. The final climb to the summit of Spring Mountain (355m) is steep and can be very slippery in the wet, but the views from the top are well worth it. Along the way, there is plenty for nature lovers to take in.

The dense rainforest contains flora and fauna in abundance.

There are also plenty of spiders (and spiderwebs), so be prepared for close encounters of the eight-legged kind. It does get hot out on the trail so leave early to avoid the midday heat.

And be wary of any inclement weather - the trail becomes very slippery when wet.