route 16 from guidebook, drop northeast through hourglass bowl. A easier option for heavy snow winter days.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



After parking, head west and walk past "NONMOTORIZED RECREATION" sign and continue slightly southwest along the flats about 0.25 miles, then make a couple of switchbacks up to 150 ft onto a flat bench.

Once you crest the top of this short slope, continue generally west through the sparse trees in the gently rolling terrain, going with the natural contours of the mountain.

After another 0.25 miles or so, pass through a small saddle.

Then head northwest for a couple hundred feet and up onto the ridge that continues west. Hike west along the crest of this ridge for 0.25 mile, up to where it meets the ridge that drops north from the top of Galena Bowl.

Head southwest up this ridge for a couple hundred vertical feet, then contour west across the botom of the large mellow bowl that separates Tamarack Peak's summit from the top of Galena Bowl.

Gain the ridge that forms the eastern edge of the Hourglass Bowl and follow it west to the top of Tamarack Peak. From Tamarack Peak, view windswept slopes ad gullies of Mount Rose to the north, Mount Rose ski Tahoe to the east, and the popular snowmobiling zone of Relay Peak to the west. Drop option 1: Hourglass bowl (easiest) Drop for 600 feet and put skins back and hike southeast for 150 ft up to the low saddle at the base of the east ridge of the bowl and make way back to original ascent skin track for more laps or follow it back to the parking lot. Drop option 2: Broken glass: follow the ridge northwest, across the top of the hourglass, and cut throught the short trees at the end of the ridge and into the opt of another large north-facing bowl.

Ski it until it flattens out, then skin back up the way you desccended to return to the topc of he Hourglass Bowl.

(Broken glass + hourglass bowl) Drop option 3: Galena Bowl: from peak traverse east to the top of Galena Bowl, or in the second loop back continue on the ridge above the Galena Bowl to the top, then drop the Galena Bowl for 500- 600 ft, once flattens out at the bottom, head northeast to return to original ascending skin track.