Complete as a whole, or enjoy the sum of its parts, the hike along the Bay of Fires is a stunning walk along some of Australia's finest - and least crowded - beaches.



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Don't let the fact that most people haven't heard about Tasmania's Bay of Fires hike put you off: if you enjoy walking along remote, pristine beaches this is one of the finest hikes in Australia.

Indeed, the lack of public awareness merely adds to the appeal, meaning that the seemingly endless stretches of pristine white sand are kept free from the crowds who adorn many of Australia's other fine beaches. The Bay of Fires hike is something of an anomaly.

It is not a defined hike in the sense of many of the trails in this part of the world.

Rather, it is a walk - or series of walks - along the stretch of coastline from the Mount William National Park to Binalong Bay on Tasmania's North East coast.

There is no set direction, the majority of it is along the sand (which adds to the challenge), and few walk the entirety of the 63km / 5-day (dependent on the pace of the group) route.

Instead, people enjoy stretches of this stunning hike, taking in the remote beaches, gum forests and stunning coastline.

Wallabies and birdlife are in abundance, and it is also known to be one of the finest fishing spots in Tasmania. For those that do attempt the entirety of the hike, there are numerous free camp grounds along the way, This means that it can be broken into as many - or as few - stages as considered appropriate. Regardless of whether you're aiming to walk the full length of the Bay of Fires, or just a few kilometres of it, those who make the journey will be rewarded with some of Australia's finest coastal scenery.