Hike to a spectacular cavernous formation on the edge of Goblin Valley State Park.


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The Goblin's Lair is a "massive cavernous formation" located on Goblin Valley State Park's eastern boundary, [according to](https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/goblin-valley/hiking-in-goblin-valley/#The%20Goblin's%20Lair) Utah State Parks.

While it's actually a slot canyon blocked by fallen debris and not a true cavern, this unique formation is magnificent and attracts plenty of hikers and rappellers alike. While Goblin's Lair was once a local secret, it is now one of the most famous hikes in the state park.

Unlike the Valley of the Goblins, which is just a free-roaming hiking area, there's a dedicated trail leading to Goblin's Lair, which provides hikers with an objective to reach. The trail leading to the Lair is mellow and non-technical and only warrants an easy or moderate FATMAP difficulty rating.

However, to actually reach the Lair and enter inside, you'll have to surpass the final pitch, which is much more technical.

This final section requires scree field scrambling and negotiating a stack of boulders and rubble with the use of both hands and feet.

This scramble ratchets the difficulty of the hike up considerably, earning it a FATMAP "Severe" rating. If you want to rappel into the Lair from the top, you'll have to pay for a permit at the visitor's center.

The permits are only $2 per person, which goes to the maintenance of the trail and rappel point. Sources: https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/goblin-valley/hiking-in-goblin-valley/#The%20Goblin's%20Lair