A beautiful loop ride around the lake.


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The Lake Trasimeno Ring Trail is a fantastic cycling route that circumnavigates the entirety of Lake Trasimeno.

The route currently consists of a combination of dedicated bike paths, dirt roads, and paved roads, although rumor has it that the entire Ring Trail will eventually consist solely of bike paths.

It's unclear when that vision will come to fruition, but even as it currently stands, the Ring Trail is still a fantastic way to tour this region of Italy! You can begin the ride from any number of access points, although the two most popular are the towns of Passignano Sul Trasimeno and Castiglione Del Lago.

The route shown here begins from the [LAKE BIKE Store](https://www.lakebikestore.it/) in Passignano Sul Trasimeno, where you can rent a bike to complete this ride if you didn't bring your own.

However, be forewarned that as of 2022, the rental bikes are of very poor quality and are poorly maintained.

While the owner is very friendly and helpful, the bikes just aren't very good.

However, for a 15 Euro rental price, what more can you really ask for? The ride itself is truly beautiful! Long stretches of the Ring Trail roll right along the shores of the lake, providing gorgeous views of the blue waters and the mountains beyond.

At times, the trail swings slightly inland, running through dense stands of trees and between bucolic farmers' fields. In many places, you'll see incredible historic sites, such as innumerable tumbled-down ruins, an abandoned airport, and what's probably the highlight of the entire ride—Rocca Del Leone and the old town of Castiglione Del Lago.

The route shown on the map skirts along the lake shore and doesn't access the castle directly, but taking a small detour to tour the old town and the fortress is highly recommended! The history and architecture are spectacular, and a wide array of fantastic Italian restaurants in the old town provide the perfect lunch stop. Several lengthy portions along the rest of the route do follow roads or run along roads, but most of these stretches of road are low traffic, and the motorists are generally very respectful of cyclists.

You'll switch back to a beautiful bike path for one of the most scenic stretches of the Ring Trail, near Monte Del Lago.

Finally, after about 60km of riding, you'll finally be back in Passignano Sul Trasimeno The trail surface varies dramatically along this ride, from paved bike paths to gravel paths, gravel roads, rough paved roads, and smooth highways.

The variety can make it difficult to pick the perfect bike, but the ideal bike for this mixed-surface ride is definitely a drop bar gravel bike.

Many riders will also opt for a mountain bike, especially a hardtail 29er.

However, competent road cyclists can easily manage the slightly rougher sections of gravel on their road bikes, and if you choose to rent a cheap bike from LAKE BIKE Store, it will still be more than capable of completing this ride. While the route does measure about 60km in length, it's almost entirely flat throughout, gaining just 256m of elevation, according to FATMAP.

Consequently, many riders—even of moderate fitness—will be able to complete this ride, and the quality of the bike doesn't matter as much. If you're uncertain of whether or not you can complete the entire 60km, you could choose to break the route into two days by booking lodging at either Castiglione Del Lago or Passignano Sul Trasimeno, whichever is your halfway point.

You could also choose to rent an ebike, which LAKE BIKE Store also offers. However you choose to enjoy it, the Ring Trail is a fantastic outing in the Umbrian countryside!