A wonderful ski tour across two impressive mountain valleys ofering two great runs.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Uphill: This tour starts at first with an enjoyable run down from the Valluga Peak. The Peak can either be climbed over the south ridge or easier by cable car, allowed only accompanied by a mountain guide. Straight down the north face towards the Pazielioch saddle, continue east down a great powder slope at the foot of the Roggspitze. Soon the open slope narrows into a well ski-able gully which leads you to the Erlach alp hut at 1.919 m. After this amazing run with a drop of 900 vertical meters the climb up to the Erli Joch can be started. As an option the alp hut can also be reached via the Knoppenkar slope which starts at the bottom station of the Valluga lift. At the lower part of the slope traverse to the far right above a steep drop off and proceed straight down to the near hut. The climb starts in a north western direction over a steeper slope which soon changes into easy terrain all the way up to the ridge at 2.430 meters. As an option the Erli Spitze can be climbed over the north face, situated straight above the Stuttgarter Hut.