The easiest trail run in Chamonix.


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While Chamonix is renowned as a radically-challenging mountain destination, the valley still offers a small trail system filled with easy hiking and running routes: the Les Bois trails.

This network of trails and dirt paths inhabits a stand of tall trees along the banks of the river. The route mapped here is just one recommendation from the [Chamonix Board of Tourism](,242-661219,en.html) for an itinerary in this area.

This small forest is a complex network of wide dirt paths and narrow singletrack trails that are constantly intersecting, splitting, and junctioning with other trails.

Trying to follow a specific route through this area can be confusing, so it’s best to just pick a general direction that you’d like to go and pick the type of track that you’d like to follow. For an easier route, stick to the wide, gravel paths.

With almost no elevation gain and no technical obstacles, these provide the easiest hiking and running you’ll find anywhere in Chamonix In between the gravel paths there are a few flat singletrack trails.

Since these trails traverse such a flat woodland zone, they are quite rooty and can be wet if it’s rained recently.

Choose these trails for a slightly more challenging adventure. If you’d like to continue your adventure beyond the route detailed here, the options are endless! Consider connecting to the [Chamonix Valley Gravel Ride](,6.8860263,359.6673013,-89.4831987,69.2507304,1059.9922427,normal) or the [Petit Balcon Loop](,6.8954566,4339.4375383,-75.1144549,116.2456493,1081.2067079,normal).