Day 1: A positioning day from the top of the Jungfraujoch train, easily down the glacier then a 500m skin over a pass at 3820m.


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We are using the Finsteraarhorn Hut as a base for 3 nights, allowing daypacks for the following 2 days.

Today is the approach day with heavier sacks but is not unduly arduous.

Beware the hot spring sun, so although it is a much easier day than the following ones, make sure you have caught the first train from Grindelwald, as it is a very slow journey up to the Jungfraujoch. From the exit of the Jungfraujoch onto the glacier ski straight down the Jungfrau Glacier for about 7km.

This mostly low angled and there aren't many sections steep enough to turn.

You are heading for Konkordiaplatz, the amazing junction of many glaciers, near the foot of the ladders that lead up to the Konkordia Hut.

The glacier, despite extensive recession, is still nearly 1000m deep here.

An easy skin to the NE up the Grunegg Glacier takes you to the obvious col at 3280m.

From here it is an easy ski down and slightly L before a flat part of the glacier that needs to be crossed.

In stable snow you can skin directly up the snow slope to the L of the hut as you look.

Take to the rocks low down and approach more directly in higher avalanche hazard conditions.