The magnificent route travels across the western part of Tannheimer Tal valley, stretching up to the border area of Tirol and Bavaria in close vicinity to Oberjoch saddle. Here you reach the "green line" border region towards Bavaria's Vilstal and Pfronten.









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From the church, take the road to the north and pass under the federal road.

Ride through the hamlet of Berg and follow the green signposts across the pastures of the western Tannheimertal valley to Zöblen/Schattwald.

Just before the sewage plant next to the Vilsstausee reservoir (45 min from Tannheim), change onto Höhenweg Schattwald/Kappl-Vilstal (803) to Pfronten and keep following the signposts to the national border.

The Bavarian part of the route runs along the main trail to the center of Pfronten (1 h 15 min from Vilsstausee).

Turn right at the police station, cross the Vils river and turn left to continue to Pfronten-Meilingen.

Follow the Vilsdamm to Pfronten-Steinach until just before the border, cross the Vils river again and continue on its northern bank to the town of Vils (about 30 min from Pfronten).

From there, cross the the main street in front of the church and follow the cycling trail (yellow signposts) to Musau.

In Musau, the trail takes a right.

Again, follow the green signposts to Lechaschau.

At the church in Lechaschau, cross the Lech river to Reutte and turn left shortly afterwards (Untergsteig).

Ride to the center (45 min from Vils), through the pedestrian zone and straight ahead on the road until you keep right at the turnoff to Ehrenbichl.

After a kilometer on the road, turn left to Ehrenberger Klause.

The official trail end is a few hundred meters ahead at the fork (45 min from Reutte) where the route from Weissenbach and the next route to Ehrwald meet.