A great trail race featuring sections along the  Kielder Viaduct, Bakethin Reservoir nature reserve, Bellingburn Valley, sections of the Lakeside Way multi-user trail & the blue graded bike trail with some great sections of twisting singletrack.


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



Although not an ultra distance, this is ideal if you're looking for a long distance challenge or maybe thinking of stepping up to an ultra in the future.

The Falcon 32k is a shortened version of the ultra routes, incorporating everything the ultra includes; fantastic course, great support, just a few less miles... Starting from Kielder Castle, the course leads onto the Duchess Trail to join the ultra route at Castle Hill.

Follow the awesome twisting singletrack & exhillarating descents on the blue graded mtb trail to reach CP1 at Wainhope Moor.

The route splits here, rejoining soon after at the Bellingburn area, eventually leading to Kielder Dam & the welcome refreshment point at CP2. Follow the Lakeside Way multi user trail along it's scenic northern shoreline for a few kilometres, before reaching the next deviation from the ultra.

This rejoins the 50k route at Plashets Incline, now following the same course once again returning along the Lakeside Way, taking in the beautiful Bakethin Nature Reserve, crossing Kielder Viaduct to reach the finish at Kielder Castle.