One of the most aesthetic lines in the state









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Poma line is an tree chute created from the old poma lift at Pico.

It's long, steep, narrow and straight.

Starting from the top of the Summit Express, turn skiers right and walk to the top of the mountain.

The entrance to poma is rather obvious but usually blocked by a rope.

The top of the line is rather mellow.

You'll reach a cement block right at the start of the steep section.

This block makes a great photo btw.

That is the beginning of the technical part of the line.

It's 1-2 ski lengths wide.

It begins to get steeper and steeper until you reach the crux of the line.

In the middle of the line, there is a choke, created by rocks, trees, and another cement block.

There is usually ice directly above this line.

This section is also usually a single track section without many options unless the snowpack rises above the obstacle.

This section isn't that bad, as it's rather short.

Once passed this section, the line starts to flatten and smooth out.

The exit is a long, flat, but fun out that has some trees and obstacles, but nothing that isn't obvious.

the line ends at the Poma woods, which are mellow but awesome glades