classic route in the valley


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



The easiest route is the one that follows the track (now disused) served by the old Chez Carral ski lift.

In practice, the descent system is taken as a reference.

From the car park, continue left towards the old ski lift, pass it, and continue as far as the sign post for "path no.

5”. From here, go up the stream valley for about ten meters before finding the old ski slope on the left.

Follow it comfortably until its end. From the arrival point of the ski lift mentioned above, if the road is not visible as it is covered by snow, continue (to the right looking at the ski lift) through increasingly sparse woods across and slightly uphill and, having reached an uninviting valley to cross, go up the gully on the left which leads to a large plateau. (From the upper plateau, with a logical traverse, you join the "historical" itinerary). continuing on the plateau for a few hundred metres, you follow a first steep ramp on the left with the possibility of passing to the right or left of a rocky island.

A short slight slope leads to the last steep ramp (do not continue in the valley as you will no longer be able to climb the crest).

Short traverse to the right and you arrive a few meters from the top (last meters on foot). The solution of starting from the slopes compared to starting from the capital adds a hundred meters to the ascent but allows for an easier descent. For those wishing to leave from Valgrisenche capital, the itinerary starts from the bridge immediately after the tobacconist's, signs for the picnic area.

Follow the road to the left up to a small playground, a mule track starts on the right of the playground, follow it for four hairpin bends.

50 m before a hut, leave it and go up to the right, on the orographic left of a stream.

Climb directly into the dense and steep forest (no Boschina) up to a construction of the aqueduct.

From here, continue diagonally upwards to the right, until you come out on wide open slopes.

You continue to climb directly until, with a long traverse to the left, you reach the steep couloir well highlighted in the photos.