The final slope requires an excellent ability to assess the conditions of the snowpack and a good skiing technique on steep slopes for people who are not trained in the spring I absolutely recommend staying overnight at the ref. Chalet Epée for good snow conditions on the descent the difference in height is not much but the displacement is significant



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From the Hotel Foyer de Montagne, follow the road (closed in winter) which climbs on the orographic right to the level of the Beauregard dam, follow the road until after the tunnel, then cut to the left along farm roads and sparse woods (going up, aim for dx) until you find the lower summer path of the refuge At this point, cross flatly to the right until you pass the coast that descends from the Truc de la Seja and then go up a stream to the plateaus of the refuge From this point towards Col Fenètre up to q.

About 2600 where a wide channel to the right leads to the beginning of the glacier – go up it up to q.

3100 approximately, then turn right up to the base of the final slope Climb it (steep – knives in spring) to the summit Various possible itineraries downhill, but if you don't know the area well, retrace the uphill one