After a good night’s sleep in Pinegg, take a walk from Gwercherwirt Inn over the bridge across Brandenberger Ache River and follow Jägersteig Path all the way to Aschau, a hamlet of Brandenberg. Take the paved road to get to Burgstallgraben, from where the path winds up to Wimm, Wimmerjoch Peak and old Lahnalm Alpine Pasture Hut.


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Starting point: Gwercherwirt Inn (Pinegg).

Start out in Pinegg and cross Brandenberger Ache and Steinberger Ache Creeks on two beautiful bridges.

Once across the creeks, continue hiking up through magnificent old-growth forest on a hiking trail that eventually merges onto a forest road and rejoins Jägersteig Path later, taking you to Aschau, which is a tiny settlement of Brandenberg.

Trailside Eateries: Jodlerwirt Inn, Haaser Inn.

Walk along the main road until you get to “Climbing steeply, the trail works its way up to the last farm named “Wimm Soak in sweeping views, pack a picnic lunch and take advantage of the outstanding vista.

Continue walking to the left and downhill towards Lahnalm Alpine Pasture Hut.

Shortly before reaching the hut, follow signage to Weißenbachgraben.

Cross Weißenbach Creek, marking the boundary between the communities of Brandenberg and Steinberg, and walk to Enterhof, an imposing farmstead that offers farmstay accommodation.

Bear left and take the road leading down into Steinberger Loch, where you will cross Steinberger Ache Creek for a second time.

Aim right onto Hinterberg Trail and follow it northward until you reach Vordersteinberg.

Cross the road and continue walking along Bärenwald Trail.

Stick to this lovely trail that will take you to the destination end of this hike, Waldhäusl Inn at the western outskirts of Steinberg.

This quaint Inn is a lovely place to spend the night.

Finishing point: Waldhäusl Inn