Ride some of the most technical and dangerous mountain bike trails in the world in one massive shuttle route!


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Second only to The Whole Enchilada, Magnificent 7 is one of the best-known shuttle rides in Moab.

While there's no doubt that The Whole Enchilada is brutally challenging, if anything, Mag 7 is more so.

While technically a "shuttle run," Mag 7 requires a ton of pedaling to complete, with some significant climbing.

And yet, this is undoubtedly NOT a cross country trail.

Bring all of your suspension—you're going to need it. The upper reaches of Mag 7 flow down Bull Run, Arth's, and Little Canyon.

While a good bit of pedaling is required, these trails are mostly fast and downhill-oriented.

While there aren't any death-defying obstacles, these trails are classic Moab, with big, blocky rock slabs to ride up and over, chundery rock gardens, and all manner of rocky gnar. Next, it's time to pedal up to Gold Bar rim, which is a strenuous climb.

Once on top, you're rewarded with stunning views from the vaulted rim.

There are a few ride options here, but the recently-legalized Blue Dot Trail is the new go-to.

The Blue Dot offers up slickrock-filled double black diamond riding at it's finest.

Just make sure you don't fly off the thousand-foot cliff that the trail hugs! Finally, Mag 7 ends with The Portal, an infamous Moab trail that many riders loop as its own ride.

This just serves to show you how serious the Mag 7 route actually is.

For riders who aren't up to the challenge of the full Mag 7, there are several bailout options: one before Gold Bar Rim down Gemini Bridges Road, and instead of taking The Portal riders can opt for the Poison Spider 4x4 route.

While Poison Spider is still a black diamond route, at least it's not double black (or beyond) like Portal. Portal is renowned for incredibly-challenging technicality, all while being extremely exposed.

The trail hugs the very top of an insanely tall cliff.

One portion of the trail even features a sign that orders riders to dismount, as mountain bikers have fallen to their deaths from this spot in the past.

Not many mountain bike trails have claimed lives, but The Portal is one of them.

Approach this trail with caution and respect. Simply put, The Portal is one of the most technical trails on the planet.

If you have the bike handling skills and confidence for it that absurd level of challenge makes The Portal an absolute treat, and a good enough reason to fly from around the world to ride in Moab, Utah. Nothing about Mag 7 is easy.

But for those who are up to the challenge, it could very well be the mountain bike ride of a lifetime. Sources: http://discovermoab.com/mountainbiking/ http://adventurepro.us/moab-8217-s-magnificent-7/